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Is “The Simpsons” Becoming Repetitive?


To “Simpsons” fans, this is the universal cry of the comedic genius Homer Simpson. The white-shirted, blue-jeaned master of gut-busting, stomach hurting, hilariousness. But others, others who aren’t familiar with this show (and some who are) think Homer Simpson is just a repetitive, loud, drunk hippo. This has long been one of the quiet arguments in the “spectacular” business of television. Here is what Middle Schoolers have to say about “The Simpsons”:

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Why Do We Like To Watch Rich People on TV?

Watching rich people on TV is a bit of a peculiar hobby, but for many of us it is LIFE. Why are people so fascinated by the Kardashians, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” “the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” (“Gossip Girl”), the characters from “Downton Abbey,” and the trust fund kids who party on the beach every night (“90210”). Continue reading Why Do We Like To Watch Rich People on TV?