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Editorial: Our New Principal

We need a principal who cares. While this sounds self-explanatory, the Middle School often gets lost in the shuffle of a busy K-12 school such as GFS. Our principal should be willing to stick up for our division while collaborating with the entire school. To do this, he or she will need a vision for what the Middle School should be, and want to follow through. We believe that any person can be well-meaning, but it takes determination to make their job work. Continue reading Editorial: Our New Principal

Goodbye Ken

For many, the first time they see Middle School Principal Ken Aldridge is at their sixth grade orientation. “Remember,” sixth grade teacher Janet Kalkstein says, “He’s your PrinciPAL. Hokey puns aside, Ken really is one of the most warmly regarded figures in the Middle School. Described as “the perfect balance between understanding and responsible,” Ken’s calm, friendly, manner makes him a great principal. Which is why it really stinks that he won’t be ours next year! Continue reading Goodbye Ken

Dana Okeson Weeks: A New Member of the GFS Community

As everyone should be aware, Germantown Friends School is welcoming a new headmaster for the first time in twenty- five years.  Dana Okeson Weeks came to us from Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York, where she worked mostly in the high school. She has one daughter who is in ninth grade and enjoys cooking, running, reading and working out.  I had the pleasure to interview her about her experiences at GFS so far. Continue reading Dana Okeson Weeks: A New Member of the GFS Community