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Sorting GFS Teachers into Harry Potter Houses

Any Harry Potter fan would know that there are four different Hogwarts houses, which new students are sorted into among arrival. These houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each of these houses have their own unique traits and skills. So we decided to sort some of our teachers into these houses, if they didn’t already know.

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Is the Harry Potter Festival Worth It?

Written By: Harper Zuercher and Grace Raufer

After visiting the Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill, we both have thought that it included the next few options:

a) All of the Chestnut Hill Shops Transform to Hogsmeade

b) There is a Quidditch match at the Chestnut Hill College

c) Many people are in costume

d) There are over 50,000 people, many who come from all around the US and the world

e) All of the Above

The Answer is E,  All of the Above. Find out why…

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Amtrak Train Day

Have you ever watched movies and read books like Harry Potter, Unstoppable, the Train, planes trains and automobiles and the Polar Express and wondered about the trains mentioned? Well I sure did, then I went to Amtrak train day and I learned a ton not only about Amtrak though. I learned about the different types of horns and I even got to sit in the engineers seat.It was so much fun and it was all free. We got to see the tiniest details like China plates used in the old dining cars and different uniforms of the crew.  Continue reading Amtrak Train Day