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Is Nuclear War on the Horizon?

North Korea is a small Communist country, bordered by South Korea on the Korean peninsula, Russia and China. It was formed in 1945 after the end of World War II, when Korea was divided into two countries that formed separate governments in 1948. The U.N has published multiple reports on the “unparalleled” human rights violations that the dictatorship of North Korea has committed. Tourism is restricted, and if a tourist steps out of line they could be arrested and imprisoned for years in the reclusive state. Citizens who have committed political crimes or are related to those who commit such crimes have described the horrors that political work camps perpetrate, from a woman who was forced to drown her own baby because it cried too much to people being so starved that they had to eat grass. And now, Kim Jong Un, the fourth North Korean dictator or, as his people call him, “Supreme Leader,”  since the nation was founded, is boasting that his country has successfully conducted several nuclear tests and has the capacity to bomb targets from Seoul to the U.S. Continue reading Is Nuclear War on the Horizon?

The Syrian Crisis

Syria is a Middle Eastern country, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. This 71,998 square mile war-torn country is the source of millions of refugees escaping to the nearby nations, the European Union and the United States. But how has Syria become the center of one of the biggest humanitarian and migrant crises that the modern world has seen? Continue reading The Syrian Crisis