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Grab Your Wallet

A recent campaign to get people to boycott companies selling Trump products seems to have had more success than many other movements. Due to the fact that the president has refused to officially divest from his companies and has left them in the control of his adult children, many argue that he continues to control these companies indirectly. “Grab Your Wallet” is a campaign which asks for people to boycott Trump owned companies and retailers selling Trump products such as Amazon and Zappos.  Thus far they have gotten Uber’s CEO to leave the president’s economic board and the following stores to stop selling or profit off of Trump products: Shoes.com, Bellacor, Wayfair, Zulily, Ruelala, Kawasaki USA, Uber, Neiman Marcus, The Honest Company, Tyra Beauty, Jet, Carnival Corporation, Nordstrom, Gilt, Kmart, Sears,  Shopstyle, Lorissa’s Kitchen, LA Clippers and QVC.  

The movement was started by two women named Sue Atencio and Shannon Coulter. They hadn’t been previously involved in anything political, but decided that something needed to be done about the President’s control over his companies. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s spokeswoman endorsed Ivanka Trump’s shoe line on Fox News, violating federal ethics laws.  

While this has been successful, Trump supporters have been boycotting companies that have stopped selling Trump items due to the ban.  This has been met with almost no reaction by everyone in the movement.  

Venezuela Erupts into Protests

Over the past few years the Venezuelan people have been protesting and rallying against the current Venezuelan government. The protests began on February 12, 2014, with students demanding increased security and safety at school after the attempted rape of a  female student. Protests against other issues throughout the country, including the highest inflation ever recorded at nearly 190% in 2015 and  projected to be at almost 500% by the end of this year and 1700% by the end of next year, a shortage of basic needs such as food, medicine and sufficient housing, and an increase in crime, have sent Venezuela tumbling into chaos.

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