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Disney: Misleading Expectations

When you hear the Disney, the words that pop into your mind are probably something like magic, childhood, love, and fairytale. Disney is a widely spread and much-loved film company that produces wonderful movies to be enjoyed by people of all ages. The cute characters, catchy songs, and true love make them favorite movies, whether you’re watching them for the first time or the fiftieth. But beneath that harmless surface hides a plethora of stereotypes.

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Welcome to Reality: From the Silver Screen to Sharpless

The bright red bell rings and a flood of kids rush into the hallway. It is a circus in there: shoving, yelling and kids running through the halls trying to push by others to get to their next class. Groups form in the halls trying to capture precious minutes between classes to talk to their friends. Is that how you picture Germantown Friends School?

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