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How to Become a YouTube Celebrity

YouTube is a website and an app that is used by millions of millions of people everyday. There are 300 hours of video uploaded every minute on the site, and over 5 billion videos are watched by people every day. Famous Youtubers have gained so much influence in the last decade. Before 2005, the dream of becoming a famous Youtuber didn’t even exist. So how can someone like me or you possibly become a famous and rich Youtuber?

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YouTuber Books

We have watched YouTubers take over the industries of fashion, food, movies and merchandise. Although one of the most popular genres has been writing books. I recently walked into a Barnes and Noble where I was greeted with a wall of books, solely written by YouTubers. These books are topping bestseller lists and are constantly getting sold out. Many YouTubers have gone on book tours to sign books for hundreds of fans at a time. Continue reading YouTuber Books

The Trendsetters of Today: Why Are There “YouTubers” Everywhere?

Written by Madeleine McGrath and Louisa Hanson

“Sugg? That’s a dumb name.” -Rhonda

Bethany Mota. Connor Franta. Troye Sivan. Selena Gomez. Zoe Sugg.

Which one doesn’t belong?

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YouTube Red: Washing Away Equality?

Since YouTube was released in 2005, one simple thing has made it different from other social media sites. On other sites there could be some kind of upgrade, or class (you would have to pay for), that made the split between the people who could afford, and those who couldn’t. An example of this is on Instagram. You can pay to get old, unused accounts, to follow yours, using an app that you have to pay for. It’s sort of like a bribe.  YouTube was never like this, until now.

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